Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 2: Shadows and Secrets (Star Wars (Marvel)

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10This series artfully captures the gap in Annakin Skywalker’s transition from your Clone Wars era ambitious youth for the Imperial era stoic tyrant. We get to find out a side of Darth Vader this is not shown inside the original series, while at the same time never betraying the initial portrayal of the iconic character.

The story remains relevant get the job done stakes feel somewhat low as a result of knowing that Darth Vader succeeds within the task he’s set to – Vader frequently comments that entire saga is usually a pointless waste of his time, yet even so unfortunately we cannot feel like the storyplot is boring. The characters which can be introduced are interesting, along with the main supporting cast (while small) keep me intrigued and curious about more, although I don’t normally go for ‘evil’ protagonists.

My only gripe lies while using artwork. Let me be clear: the art and illustration is BEAUTIFUL, which means you gripe is only a minor nitpick (hence the 5-star rating). That being said, I feel that this artist needs some work making human faces seem less misplaced. Every human face doesn’t seem to fit the coffee quality and detail on the rest from the artwork. Non-human faces (including, ironically, the still mask of Darth Vader) come through as expressive and done well, but human faces seem bizarrely contorted and lacking proper emotion. Let me reiterate though this was exactly the most notable – but nevertheless quite minor – flaw I could manage to find inside series to this point.

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