Servicing Personal Computers, Fourth Edition

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03This book sets your principles and employ of personal computer servicing inside a handy reference manual. It contains loads of information, including a large numbers of circuits and block diagrams. Some of the modern software diagnostic routines are already included along with listings and, where appropriate, actual screen dumps. This fourth edition has become completely rewritten to protect the latest technology like 32-bit microprocessors and serial communications servicing.

Although silicon technology is inherently very reliable, the complexity of today’s computers renders them vulnerable to failure from the number of common causes – plus some that are not quite so common! In addition, other areas of the system (including such peripherals as tape and disk drives, printers, modems and monitors) might require routine adjustment and preventive maintenance. This completely rewritten fourth edition still covers the full range of microcomputer equipment, however also provides a guide to developments and trends for instance the new generation of diagnostic software, code that is included from the book, and applications for instance serial communication, and memory and hard disk management. Reviews of previous editions
‘A real gem. Some necessary theory is put over brilliantly…excellent chapters on equipment and trouble-shooting, plus the packed book winds up with a magic reference section.’ Computer in Schools
‘This book will be worth having to test equipment usage techniques alone – another information is an extra.’ Electronic Technology

‘Welcome indeed is Michael Tooley’s exhaustive but easy-to-use book…it can go a long way to overcoming the awful problem of it technology faults.’
Laboratory Equipment Digest
‘At keep going for a crucial gap inside the huge pile of microcomputer literature is filled – which book fills the gap so well it will likely be hard to beat.’
Education Equipment
‘A very worthwhile publication.’
‘This is a good book and recommended.’
This is undoubtedly an enormously thorough book regarding how PCs and peripherals work and how to handle it when they don’t.’
PC Plus Magazine, June 1995

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