Microsoft Operations Framework: A Pocket Guide

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14If you are within a Microsoft-centric shop and wish to remain consistent with Microsoft’s procedure for operations and infrastructure management the following information will get you quickly up-to-speed. Note that the MOF relies in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and it is substantially aligned into it.
The guide can be an 88-page, small format booklet (6.25″ x 4″), along with full color. The information about the three core models – Process, Team, and Risk – is provided in this particular manner you will come away with a capable understanding of how these models interrelate, along with the key elements of each and every model. In fact, the guide is really a cross between an executive summary as well as a PowerPoint presentation, and uses graphics and tables to excellent convenience of convey the MOF without glossing over essentials and critical sides.
One with the authors, David Pultorak, is usually a well known expert in the the ITIL and MOF, which adds quite a lot of credibility to the present book’s contents, and gives assurance that discussions comparing the ITIL and MOF common touchpoints are accurate. You can find additional articles by Mr. Pultorak at ASIN B0000X44MC.
Coverage on the MOF is thorough enough to give IT executives a good understanding, and is particularly detailed enough to produce service and support delivery personnel which has a clear view with the core models and exactly how they can be employed.

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