Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book

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04As an avid fan of coloring books I was happy with my acquisition of this book. I usually wait to order a coloring book until I can see precisely what is inside of it (in a choice of a store or from images posted by reviewer or perhaps the publisher), however, I took a gamble for the pre-order based about the cover alone and am I ever glad I did.

Maturity Note: While there is no actual nudity the outfits in all of the of the images are as revealing as many on the adult women’s Halloween customers I have seen in recent times. Its pretty ladies in sexy clothing, some slightly suggestive poses (i.e. on par with all the lingerie area of a Victoria Secret catalog), and, I repeat, there is NO nudity. If I was uncomfortable with taking a look at a Victoria Secret catalog, or together with the person I was buying this for doing this, I would not buy this. Simply put, should the image within the cover causes you to uncomfortable then wait to purchase this book.

The Images:
I color a good deal and am often aggravated by books who have a great image around the cover but few good images inside. I was delighted to see that, in the 46 listed images, nearly 5 of them are on the same style superiority design because the image for the cover. The 5 of 46 “illustrations to color” advertised for the cover that wouldn’t match the coverage style felt like section separator for your style of characters to the section. Of the 5 separator images merely one, the credit card suits, felt overly simplistic and boring, however, still it fit together with the theme from the images near it (Alice in Wonderland).The images are incredibly fun and sexy, definitely a grown-up coloring book equally as advertised.

The Theme:
The book is equipped with a classic tales theme, however, some with the images I was not capable to determine what tale they relevant to while other were clearly not relevant to any classic tale that I recognized but still others were steam punk. Maybe I am not as expertise in classic tales as I wish to think but I was just confident in places 20 images in a respective tale, not really that this bothered me ever since the other 21 images continue to be definitely within the same vain and fit the theme presented with the images themselves. I was excited to understand some in the images at a few of the best artists on deviant art along with the book often is considered an art and craft book of grayscale images together with the quality.

The Paper:
I go along with M Holmes that, when you use markers, the colorist would have to protect the opposite pages somehow from bleeding. Removing the pages is an effective call to avoid this, I would suggest setting out the binding because images go all the way to your binding (I bought a 2nd copy simply to do this), or having a thin bit of cardboard like a backing (I try this anyways for both testing markers and then for page support). Pencil obviously doesn’t need the issues of bleed that markers do and takes well for the paper. Regardless of coloring medium would recommend a supporting surface because the cover material isn’t as rigid as, as an example, a Creative Haven coloring book.

If you are a grownup colorist that likes such a art I suggest this coloring book for both its quality and quantity of content.

I purchased this book at top dollar and was NOT inspired to write an assessment, likely because I rarely find things I consider worth reviewing. I do not know anyone active in the making in this book and the creators in the art from it except that I have seen their artwork on deviant art. This is my honest review in this product like a highly picky paying customer.

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