Forest Fires

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01This is a great high-interest and low-level reading book and series. The books are small with large print resulting in 50 pages long with numerous pictures. They aren’t exhaustive for that topics covered, nevertheless they give a lots of information because they are concise the fact that the book’s size. Special features are Did you know… fact insets, a roadmap, glossary, number of other resources, along with an index. After an attention-getting introduction, the chapters start out with a story with regards to a particular incident after which go into the content with the chapter. Difficult words are also explained in parentheses besides finding yourself in the glossary. In this book, several chapters cover how fires are started and ways in which they spread, the various types of fires, and the way fires are fought along with prevention techniques. The last chapter boasts an interesting page describing how wildfires undoubtedly are a part of earth’s delicate balance and they are necessary. Elementary and middle school students may benefit from these books. Even kids might find them a good change of pace through the thick books they normally use for research.

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