The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer (Hodder Great Reads)

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10I’ve been reading plenty of books about Dahmer this also was definitely the top. Brian Masters designed a lot of research before writing it that is certainly visible in every single line. He’s also really respectfull in mentioning where he took every quote from.

SOME OTHER BOOKS I read (i’m not really mentioning wich these folks were in respect on the author) took a ‘novel’ path,wich is easy-reading, but keeps that you little suspicious in regards to the accuracy in the information.You don’t get that impression by any means with Masters’ book. A piece of advice: You should get a shorter notion of Dahmer life-line before diving in the overwhelming storm of details inside the book, the quantity of information unknown for many individuals is quite impressive! I found every one precious.[:)] Some OTHER BOOKS I read took a while disserting about subject aside from Dahmer’s life (linked with it in many degree,though,naturally),but they also spent too much effort on that,it got boring sometimes..In Brian Masters’ you might have discussion on ohter points associated with Dahmer’s life,but somehow he were choose only interesting psychological issues anf the husband talks about them only good enough not to lose the reader’s interest.

His timing is perfect.How long he stays in each incident,the amount ‘poetry’ he uses (he is not technical on the point of making the reading tiring,he isn’t ‘novelist’ to your point of losing the reader’s credibility).. It’s like eating an excellent delicassy, where it is all totally perfectly dosed to an excellent combination and zilch is too much or too less.

COMMENTARY ON Jason Cullen’s review (below mine)

You should recognize that the way you put things within a text has great influence upon its meaning..The way you transcribed the ‘masturbation’ part with the book within your review was careless, attempting to make it sound funny, however, you forgot to cover this piece was one on the cases when missing the context really affects the full idea in the author. You didn’t even transcribed the FIRST sentence COMPLETELY,you commenced it within the middle.If you had posted the writing without any purpose of ‘making up minds’ for your opinion or making fun in the author,if you have not omitted the first part on the sentence, of course, if besides that,one had had acess for the former sentence as well as the context, it can’t have seemed ridiculous whatsoever.

The chapter is approximately Fantasies, with special reference on the ‘dark’ ones.

‘Most fantasies are extremely peculiar and unfulfillable that they’re never admitted,and perish making use of their host from the grave.It is well for society that people do not know the many fantasies wich accompany,consciously or unconsciously,every erotic indulgence. (…)Sexual fantasy promotes marturbation and is also generally satisfied by it. To that extent, masturbation just isn’t merely forgivable, but blameless (…)’

and there goes the part you transcribed.

‘But while there is omnipotence in fantasy and restriction in fact, both must be kept rigorously apart;(…)Reality poisons the spring of fantasy,whereas fantasy,in the event it erupts to the real world,brings destruction rolling around in its wake.’

Obviously someone with fantasies of muitlation and extreme violence for the age of 15 will establish a different relation with masturbation than ordinary kids. What may appear ‘laughable’ within your universe might not in another woman’s. The idea exposed sounds affordable.

You said your enthusiastic about extremes of human behavior, and you surely appear never to have lived with it (not even inside a minor degree).Anyone with any minimum tendencies to darker fantasies would be aware that part cristal clear instead of think it’s funny. So I guess it’s actually not a problem with this author’s idea, however with the fact that this idea doesn’t fit within your universe,that is why you see ‘laughability’ from it.

About the indegent writing, I’m honestly struggling to talk about it, as i’m not really a native english speaker. It surely didn’t

sound like literature in my opinion, however if I was trying to find something ‘philosophical’ I wouldn’t read against the law book, I would seek out Francis Bacon and Anotonin Artaud, by way of example. [:)] I was sincerely more considering Dahmer’s history.

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