The Memories: A Doo-Wop Journey

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07The Memories: A Doo-Wop Journey, explores the exciting good reputation for a young professional singing group using their company beginning as USO performers at military clubs thus to their signing using a national record label and performing throughout the United States. When Lou Martin joined the doo-wop group referred to as the Bobolinks-later referred to as Memories-he had no idea who’s was the start a lifelong journey into your world of pop music. He chronicles the highs and lows felt by the group because they made their way by way of a fifty-five-year career of performing with a few of the most recognizable celebrities with the fifties and sixties doo-wop era. The story begins during the summer of 1957 and revolves around a little daughter man named Lou Martin, who aspires in order to meet and sing having a group of teenage boys through the southeast portion of Washington, DC, referred to as the Bobolinks. He eventually joins the group and starts to learn how to sing harmony and lead. Over the next several years, the group evolved into a specialist singing group that signed an increasing contract using a major record label. Their first hit, “Love Bells” brought them plenty of radio play and commercial success. The Memories A Doo Wop Journey gives a unique insider look in to the inner workings of the popular singing group plus the ups and downs which the members experience his or her fame grows.

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