Super Bowl XL Opus MVP Edition

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01The incredible MVP Edition of Super Bowl XL Opus—Limited to 400 copies, as both versions includes a page that is certainly personally signed by every living MVP within the history on the Super Bowl!

For four decades, countless fans have watched the best celebration with the game of football: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XL Opus, an enormous, stunning new publication, is the final tribute to the legendary sporting event. Chronicling Super Bowls I to XL, cinematic in fashion, Super Bowl XL Opus brings readers much better the action than any publication has ever done. The images are truly breathtaking, the link is provided by some of America’s finest writers, along with the quality and sheer scale with the Opus are totally unique. At 20″ x 20″, 850 pages, and coming in at over 80 lbs, this will be the heaviest sports-related book ever published.

The Opus is restricted to a total edition of 20,000. The MVP edition is numbered 1 to 400; the Limited Edition is numbered 401 to 20,000. Every edition has a microchip encrypted with codes unique to every one Opus. This guarantees which the Opus is authentic and protects the need for your prized possession.

Every copy with the Opus, Limited or MVP edition, is hand-sewn and bound, covered from the finest quality leather, and presented in the wood-construction clamshell-style case covered in screen-printed silk. The MVP Edition shares exactly the same content and production quality because Limited Edition, but one incredible difference. Each with the individually numbered copies from 1 to 400 includes a single extra page—the MVP signature page. The Most Valuable Player award has built a special peer number of iconic football superstars. Incredibly, we have now secured the signatures of any living MVP from the good reputation for the Super Bowl using one page. The MVP Edition is not only the best record from the Super Bowl, but an amazing collector’s piece; a sheet of sports memorabilia unrivalled inside history of sport.

Included have ended 150,000 words from America’s finest sportswriters, particularly Dave Anderson, Red Smith, Jim Murray, Dan Jenkins, Roy Blount, Jr., and David Halberstam. Excerpts on the biographies and memoirs of Bart Starr, Joe Namath, and Jerry Kramer, and others, may also be included. The 1400 spectacular images, many previously unpublished, span the entire reputation the Super Bowl. The photographs were taken by such legendary lensmen as Walter Iooss, Jr., Neil Leifer, Michael Zagaris, and Heinz Kluetmeier. Unpublished photographs by Barton Silverman, the 1969 Jets team photographer, include images on the incredible homecoming of MVP Joe Namath. Plus, an 80” x 20” gatefold of MVP portraits by Walter Iooss, Jr., shot using a 20” x 24” Polaroid camera, captures the center and soul from the players who posed for the children at Super Bowl XL.

There is the one other feature from the Super Bowl XL Opus that is certainly truly unique: the final Super Bowl Game Chart. The most comprehensive and detailed game chart ever created, it not simply details every play of the Super Bowl, but by cross-referencing player rosters and recording the role of the player within the field, you is able to track the ball and feel the flow in the game inside a way that has not been achieved before.

Quality is everything. The Super Bowl XL Opus is compared to nothing else.


* Limited to 20,000 books, each individually numbered

* 850 pages printed around the finest semi-matte 200 gsm paper

* Pages are printed having a seven-color process and top-quality, light-fast inks

* Every page is edged in luxurious silver gilding

* Weighing over 80 pounds, the Super Bowl XL Opus will be the heaviest sports book ever published

* Every copy is hand-sewn and bound using traditional techniques, and covered from the finest quality leather

* Presented inside a wood construction clamshell-style case, covered in screen-printed silk

* Contains a microchip encrypted with unique codes individual to each and every Opus. This guarantees how the Opus is authentic and protects the price of your prized possession.

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