he Churches of Christ in the 20th Century: Homer Hailey’s Personal Journey of Faith (Religion & American Culture)

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03Ed Harrell does a masterful job of relating the astonishing life of Homer Hailey, essentially the most dedicated, humble, and influential preachers inside churches of Christ from the 20th century. If you were sufficiently lucky to get know this man, you may be fascinated by the tale of his life and career as preacher, teacher, and author.
But this book is actually than a biography of Homer Hailey. In the novel, Harrell also is really a monumental contribution towards the study with the history on the churches of Christ within the 20th century. After recounting Hailey’s adolescence, Harrell sets aside Hailey’s personal story and recounts in fascinating detail the difficulties and people that influenced the doctrinal positions and divisions on the heirs from the “restoration movement.” Much of the 180-page middle section from the book is dedicated towards the controversy over “institutionalism,” the situation of building para-church organizations and “sponsoring church” arrangements with money pooled from various independent congregations. Harrell’s analysis with this issue shows how social attitudes from the 1950s contributed on the impetus for your massive missionary and evangelistic schemes, television programs, etc., that had become the focus with the controversy. There are likewise shorter sections on earlier controversies regarding pacifism and premillennialism, together with more recent controversies regarding “discipling,” the Holy Spirit, searching for a “New Hermeneutic,” along with issues.
After this very meaty middle section, Harrell returns to Hailey’s early years as being a preacher, his long tenures to be a teacher at what exactly are now Abilene Christian University and Florida College, and Hailey’s Arizona retirement, when he wrote a lot of his books.
The middle section of the book is not to the faint of heart. Harrell’s meticulously documented story on the controversies in the last a hundred years within the churches of Christ reveals how very frequently disputes and divisions in the fellowship were exacerbated by inflated egos, harsh words, and precipitous actions that, at the least in retrospect, appear unbecoming of Christians. Still, being a member with this fellowship, I found the ebook encouraging. Through the life story of Homer Hailey, Harrell has preserved an awesome example of men who, throughout the grace of God, rose above his or her own difficult childhood as well as the combativeness of most of his peers to exemplify the real “servant” mentality fully demonstrated in Jesus Christ.

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