Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions

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Click on image for Read in PDF (Review purpose only)
Click on image for Read in PDF (Review purpose only)

This book brings value, specially without having the fifth edition or you cannot able to get your fifth edition.

This book has around ~50 new questions (a number of them were removed and brand new ones added). Fifth edition had 150 which one has 189.

The fifth edition ends at page 169 (along with the rest of the book being strategies to the questions) [TOTAL = 500pages] and this also new book ends at page 190 along with the rest of the pages, an overall total of ~700) with solutions and many pages of hints.

The fifth edition book is smaller in proportions while this is much larger.

The new edition is bulkier, with substandard quality paper compared to your fifth, and I still unsure how I would justify the size on the fact that a whole new edition was needed.

This book has new assumptions, that while perfect for non computer scientist, will be the reason that is larger, but I’m still not much of a 100% sure this is the reason why this book is larger.

The real question is why a whole new edition was needed? for that extra questions and also the Big-Oh chapter? I think everybody may feel different about those questions.

Even with new material, could it have been really had to go this huge? There was nothing that is certainly considered as a downloadable material ? While a self-contained book is significant, this books leaves me with many different questions why a brand new edition was needed. What is the real motivation because of this new edition?

I’m unable to answer many this questions as I cannot be sure what are the author was thinking.
What I can think are that you should try and get a fifth edition if at all possible.

With doing this said, I think this book deserves 3 stars and you ought to buy it as it’s still an excellent book.

Maybe I expected an excessive amount considering the quality on the previous edition.

How could I have given this book five stars, due to the fact there are previous editions of the book:

1) Add more new questions. All the ones you remove, provided them as downloadable content
2) Keep similar size. Provide additional download material to create this happen.
3) Increase the number of new questions, due to the fact the author consults for a few companies (and she or he may even provide interview coaching), plus the amount of new questions which can be posted online.

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