9th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package (EXAMKRACKERS MCAT MANUALS)

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Click on image for Read in PDF (Review purpose only)
Click on image for Read in PDF (Review purpose only)

This is a Proof of buyer satisfaction :
I’m an MCAT instructor with MCATProf.com and possess been teaching the MCAT for decade having previously been a teacher with Kaplan along with the Princeton Review. I’ve read and used all of the books accessible for the current 2014 MCAT (Berkeley Review, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Examkrackers) plus the past wasn’t especially impressed with all the Examkrackers MCAT books. I’ve purchased all of the 2015 MCAT books which can be currently commercially ready (Princeton Review Complete MCAT Set, Kaplan 7-Book Subject Review, Examkrackers Complete Study Package, and Next Step Test Prep Practice for Behavioral Sciences)

I’d rank them inside the following order
1. Examkrackers Complete Study Package
2. Kaplan Complete 7-Book Subject Review
3. Princeton ReviewnMCAT Subject Review Complete Set
4. Next Step Test Prep Practice for Behavioral Sciences.

Examkrackers may be the only set that completely reformatted their books to get inline while using new exam. Every book is virtually completely different with reformatted content, and new practice passages that suited the format with the new exam. All their science passages reference primary research articles directly similar to the MCAT passages for that 2015 exam. These new forms of passages vary than the details dump type passages for the latest 2014 MCAT exam. In addition, each of their passages directly involve biological systems even inside the physics and chemistry books that’s what you’d be ready to see while using new 2015 MCAT. They also redistributed the material science content from the book to raised adequately represent the amount to which each subject is tested for the new exam. These books undoubtedly are a complete reboot to best fit the newest exam. Each chapter has includes three well written passages and around 20 free standing practice questions. The books don’t include any full lengths, which can be probably their biggest weakness.

The Princeton Review probably did the worst job of updating their books, seemingly not really glancing on the AAMC outline for that material covered from the 2015 MCAT. They essentially re-released their old books, next to nothing has been changed: same passages, same content, the distribution of science material, same verbal strategy but minus the online practice questions and passages that came while using old book. You’d probably be better off purchasing the earlier books as they included much more regarding online practice questions and materials. The main benefit in the new books is because they include 3 full online practice exams. To supplement the earlier PR books, you would just want to pick the Princeton Review Psychology and Sociology Review, and Kaplan MCAT Biochemistry Review. You’d want to to check the AAMC content outline to the 2015 exam to be able to know which Ochem chapters to skip within the PR books

Kaplan did an admirable job updating their books to best reflect the newest content nevertheless they provide no practice passages inside books. They do provide 2 full-length practice exams.

Next Step Test Prep Behavioral Science book is actually just a book of poorly written practice passages as well as an outline you may have gotten completely from AAMC. Their passages tend not to reflect the 2015 MCAT passages because they’re overly long, mostly information dumps as an alternative to experiments to analyze and also the questions are far too easy.

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